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bom brouwerij

BOM Malt Bakery

In his search for his ‘how do I do this myself and better’, Bert was inspired by the traditional way of working at Rodenbach where in earlier days ‘the Kiln’ was used for preparing their own malt.

Bert smelling the fresh baked malt

He purchased a coffee burner and remodelled this to use it for creating his own special malt. He buys so-called ‘white’ malt and uses it for making new malt in function of each individual beer by baking the ‘white’ malt himself.

Baking malt at low temperatures makes the malt smooth and light. Roasting malt at higher temperatures makes the malt darker and more intense.

Super fresh malt is used for brewing beer within the 48 hours.


Belgian Original Maltbakery

bom brouwerij

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Bert Van Hecke

(Malt baker / brewer / manager)
+32 (0) 479 68 10 24