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BOM Process

Brewing beer and baking malt can only be done with qualitatively high and by preference authentic raw materials. This is an absolute necessity to create something new during baking the malt or in the course of the brewing process. All BOM raw materials used fit into a larger picture. There is not one single predominating ingredient. Bert Van Hecke, malt baker and brew master, personally chooses the grains, the basic malts, sugars and hops to guarantee the quality of the raw materials. We will never use artificial flavours or aromas. What you taste and smell is real!

baking malt

Baking malt or grains in this way to create made-to-measure speciality malt, is unique in the world. We start off with grains that are either or not malted and that are baked or roasted at various temperatures in function of the beer in mind. Other ingredients are often added during baking. This makes the possibilities endless. Especially for this particular purpose a coffee burner was completely converted according to the strict BOM quality demands.

Only Bert Van Hecke, malt baker and brew master, knows the ingredients and the proportions of the secret blends. Only he masters the whole process. And still, he chooses to provide the consumer with abundant information on his product. He delivers all ingredients to the brewery.

on our way to the brewery
brewing and fermenting

BOM Brewery is at this moment a gipsy-brewery: we hire the kettles of another brewery to brew our own beers in it. We are convinced that it are not kettles that make the beer, it are the malt baker and the brewer. A brewery could be described as a kind of sugar factory. The starch in the malt is transformed into sugars by mixing it with water and leaving it to rest at various temperatures. The yeast transforms these sugars into alcohol. The other ingredients such as speciality BOM malts and hops that are used, determine the taste. In this way the beer finally originates.

All BOM beers have a seconsd fermentation in the bottle. Before the beer is bottled, a small portion of yeast and sugar are added to the beer. All sugar is eaten by the yeast and transformed into a little bit of alcohol and carbonic gas. The bottle is capped, preventing the gas to escape: it dissolves in the beer until the bottle is opened. This gives after opening the bubbles and the beautiful foam collar.


Our beers are only served in pubs and restaurants that respect our product. They can of course also be found in the beer retail trade. If you cannot find them, just send us a mail, and we will see to it that you as well will soon be able to enjoy our beers in your favourite pub or restaurant, or in your easy chair at home after buying it from your beer


Belgian Original Maltbakery

bom brouwerij

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