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bom brouwerij

BOM Brewer/Baker

Bert started as home brewer and learned the tricks of the trade in the breweries of Orval and Rodenbach. He was cellar master at brewery Boon and brewmaster at Sint-Bernardus. He was during a period of two years offficial Chinese brewmaster in a brewery near Shanghai.


As member of the jury at the World Beer Cups at Seattle, San Diego, Chicago and then again San Diego, he could fully indulge in his passion for beer, and it was there that he discovered the citrus properties of the American aromatic hops.

He also worked for a while in the US, at New Belgium.

In his search for quality and originality he found inspiration in the traditional way of working at Rodenbach, where in former days ‘the kiln’ was used to produce their own malt.


Belgian Original Maltbakery

bom brouwerij

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Bert Van Hecke

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