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Triporteur Kinky Berry

A full option fruit beer. This is NOT a candyshop Fruitbeer based on some inferior beer, this is a pure and complex brew with more as 20 ingredients. A kinky Fruitbeer packed with fruits and finished with dry hopping. Brewed without any artificial sweetener or aroma!

ABV 6.9% °P 15 EBU 10 EBC 30 Style BOM Style

Serving tips

Kinky Berry is best served in a BOM glass. Serving temperature of 4-8°C.

Aging potential

Its better to drink the kinky berry when its still young.

BOM Malt


A clear choice for hops with a berry flavor. Saphir hops during the boil and Topaz hops as dry hop. Juniper berries, dried orange peels and citrus peels are added to an additional complexity.


No sugars are added. This beer contains fruits: cherry, blueberry, BOM roasted blueberry, blackberry, elderberry, apple, pear and banana


Belgian Original Maltbakery

bom brouwerij

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Bert Van Hecke

(Malt baker / brewer / manager)
+32 (0) 479 68 10 24