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all about beer full moon 12

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The FULL MOON 12 is back!

 Why did it took us so long to bring the 12 back on the market?

Its Pretty easy to explain why. A beer brewed at a genuine brewery starts with buying malts, hops and growing up the yeast.

The Triporteur full moon 12 starts with finding the perfectly wind dried Belgian grown oak, cutting this tree it in to pieces, roasting the oak at full moon to create incredible flavors, baking and roasting our specific malts for this beer, and aging the beer on tank  with oak for at least one month….

You got it, It take time to brew with chainsaws.


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Great BrewView about the Rosie Rosa

Go to:
And you will know more about the beer

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Blog update

Writing and updating a blog was never my cup of tea. The new and upcoming beers: look at the beers on the website and you will find what you are looking for.
I've added some other "professional" bloggers information... they are better as me.
Coming from Norway:
Coming from the UK.

Coming from the US:

I promise;, in 2015 I will also take more effort in keeping you up to date. If you like facebook, go to our facebook page for the latest news.

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BOM on the radio!!!

The BOM talk starts from 6:40...

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